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    Standoff in northwest Detroit continues into night, 1 hostage still remains inside home

    DETROIT – A standoff in a northwest Detroit home continues into Tuesday night as one hostage still remains inside the home with the gunman.

    Dearborn SWAT Team arrived at the scene to assist Detroit police.

    The gunman, who was wanted for question of a triple homicide on Helen Street earlier this summer, posted on Facebook earlier today.

    “They got me out here. Cops got me surrounded. I’m going to prison… rest of my life. It’s over with. The house is surrounded,” the man said in the video.

    One of two hostages was released earlier Tuesday. The father of the hostage still inside the home remained on scene.

    The home is in the 15000 block of Iliad Street near Fenkell and Telegraph roads. Police said they tried to pull over the gunman at about 2:30 a.m. in Redford Township, but he took off.

    He is considered a suspect in a triple homicide that happened in June, police said.

    He fired a shot before entering the home in Detroit, police said. Original reports stated the man fired at officers, but police later clarified he did not fire directly at officers — he just fired a shot.

    Source: ClickOnDetroit

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