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    Report: Paris Sees ‘Dominance’ Ambitions in Rigidity to Retain Finance Ministry

    Paris considers as “flexible” the 15-day imposed deadline by President Emmanuel Macron for the formation of Lebanon’s government, but sees “covet for dominance of government decisions” in the rigidity of the “Shiite duo” to retain the finance ministry, the Saudi Asharq al-Awsat reported on Thursday.

    Paris wants a breakthrough in forming a cabinet capable of addressing a “very dangerous” situation the Lebanese are reeling under, said the daily. It has “no problem” with regard to the sect of the Minister of Finance or any other minister there be, but only wants a “rescue” cabinet.

    However, the fact that “yielding to the desire of the Shiite party is tantamount to overthrowing the essence of the French initiative and of the principles agreed upon,” that is moving away from quotas and forming a government of specialists.

    In this adamant insistence, Paris sees a desire for “continuous domination of the government decisions, which jeopardizes the reform plan leaving it at the mercy of parties,” added the daily.

    A “confrontation government” is also not an option because it means more obstacles could stand in the way of the PM-designate Mustafa Adib who seeks to form a harmonious and productive government garnering broad support, added the daily.

    Source: Naharnet

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