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    Medic, patient stuck inside while suspect takes stolen ambulance for a joyride



     Cruiser cam video just released by Dayton Police shows the chase with a stolen ambulance.
    A paramedic and a patient were in the back at the time police say 44-year-old Jeffrey Brown stole the vehicle.
    The paramedic called 911, frantic for help.
    FOX 45 talked with a veteran paramedic about how he would handle the situation should it arise.
    “Did they say anything to you? Did they hurt you? Are you okay?” a 911 dispatcher asked the Dayton paramedic.
    “They said they wanted to go around the block. I’m in the back they can’t get to me,” the 25-year-old EMT replied.
    For minutes, the paramedic and patient were helpless while the suspect continued his joyride.
    “I’m just worried about them crashing the ambulance. I have a patient in the back with me,” the paramedic told 911.
    “She’s scared for sure,” said Brad Phillips, a veteran paramedic of 26 years.
    “It’s not something they really teach, not something go over,” Phillips said.
    Phillips said he had seen people climb in his passenger seat, but never in the driver’s seat.
    He also said he never gets in the back without his portable radio in case something like this does happen.
    “Your patient is your primary concern so when that starts to happen we’re both in danger, so you need to keep the patient protected and think about your own safety as well,” Phillips told FOX 45’s Kelly May.
    “We don’t know if they’re armed, we don’t know what their capabilities are, we don’t know if they’re on some sort of narcotic or under the influence of something where they’re willing to fight,” he continued.
    Cruiser cam shows multiple Dayton Police cruisers catch up with the stolen vehicle, and stop it by getting in front and braking.
    Officers wrestled the driver out and tackled him to the ground.
    “Dude, what are you thinking?” an officer can be heard saying in the cruiser cam, “Well, you’re going to prison, buddy, I hope you like that. You just kidnapped somebody.”
    Brown was charged with kidnapping and robbery.
    “Seeing that scene and hearing that phone call, it’s definitely something everyone will be more aware of in the future,” Phillips said.
    FOX 45 has reached out to the Dayton Fire Department for comment, but so far has not heard back.

    source : fox45now.com

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