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    Police Search for Gunman Who Killed 4 in Nashville Diner

    Police have issued a dragnet for a man who killed four people and wounded several others with an assault-type weapon in the middle of the night at a Nashville, Tennessee, diner.
    Police have identified the suspect as 29-year-old Travis Reinking.
    Witnesses said Reinking was wearing a green jacket and nothing else when he got out of his truck and shot two people in the parking lot of the Waffle House restaurant. He opened fire inside the restaurant, where three people died at the scene and a fourth later died at the hospital.
    A customer tackled the gunman and tossed the weapons behind the counter before the suspect threw off his jacket and fled naked from the scene.
    Nashville police chief Steve Anderson said Reinking came into the Waffle House with a “lot of firepower,” carrying four weapons. Two guns were found at the scene, and Anderson said the suspect may be armed with two more.
    The U.S. Secret Service said Reinking was arrested in July for being inside a restricted zone near the White House in Washington.
    Nashville police said the FBI determined Reinking should no longer be allowed to own weapons and turned his guns over to his father, who allegedly returned the weapons to his son.
    Police believe the attack was random and that the suspect may have mental issues.
    They are calling James Shaw, Jr. – the young customer who tackled the gunman and grabbed the weapon – a hero who likely saved a lot of lives. Police chief Anderson said Shaw’s reaction was “beyond belief.” But Shaw is downplaying his actions.
    “I was just trying to save my life. I’m no Superman,” he quietly told reporters.
    Reinking was allegedly armed with an AR-15 assault style weapon.
    “People have had enough of this,” Nashville mayor David Briley said. “These kind of weapons have to come off the street. Period.”

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