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    Reports: US coastal ships useless

    A recent report by the US Naval Forces acknowledged the failure of the US program of coastal combat vessels.
    According to the Task & Purpose publication, the Naval Institute’s Naval Institute data indicate that in 2018 seafarers will not be able to deploy any coastal vessels.
    In 2014, US naval forces began to question the effectiveness of coastal vessels, thus reducing the number of their vessels, while vessels that were actually in the fleet were under maintenance. The military fleet expressed its dissatisfaction with these pieces, as they were useless, describing them as “floating garbage”.
    According to the report, coastal vessels lack the elements of combat systems, especially radar. It also has limited defensive capabilities against hostile missiles, as well as a lack of systems that can reduce the damage caused by its engines.
    Among these ships are Freedom, which is characterized by its speed and structure. The second category, Independence, is distinguished by the Thalathic structure. Since 2006, 11 vessels have been produced.

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