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    Trump and Macron exchange unconventional symbolic gifts

    Western media have unveiled symbolic gifts to be exchanged by US Presidents Donald Trump and Frenchman Emmanuel Macaron during the latter’s visit to the United States, which begins on Monday.
    US President Melanie Trump chose a piece of chair cover, designed by French-born Frenchman Pierre Antoine, who worked in the White House during the period of US President James Monroe, 1817-1825.
    In addition, Trump will give his French counterpart, a photo album, and a silver mug with the signature of Melania and Donald Trump.
    For his part, the French president, who begins today a three-day state visit to the United States, seeks to win host to President Donald Trump, a gift related to the history of the US Marines.
    The French presidency said on Sunday that Macron would offer Trump an oak bush taken from a major battle site in World War I, where US Marines confronted a German attack in the last year of the war, almost 100 years ago.
    The shrub grew near the Dolphin Dug fountain, a position that became legendary among the Marines.
    This is the location where US soldiers reportedly gathered after the battle of June 1918, about 100 km northeast of Paris.
    The word “dog” in the name of the fountain refers to its bulb, which resembles the head of a dog of the type “Paul Mastiff”, a hybrid between the baskets of dogs “Paul” and “Mastiff”. The name “Delf Dog” also refers to the term used by the Germans to describe the Marines because of their brutality in the fighting