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    Lest we forget … The Qana massacre is an icon in the Lebanese conscience in Michigan.

     The “Qana al-Jalil Committee, in cooperation with the Congress of Arab-American Institutions, commemorated the 22nd anniversary of the Qana massacre committed by Israel during what so called the “Grapes of Wrath operation “ in 1996 and the 12th anniversary of the Second Qana massacre, which Israel also committed during the July 2006 aggression against Lebanon. The ceremony was directed by colleague Ali Mansour from the Arab American news . Main speaker was the editor of Sada Al-Watan Ossama Al-Siblani, and then the President of the Dearborn Court Judge Salem Salameh and the Haj Amin Yahya of the Amal movement and the sister of the martyrs Hadi and Abdul Mohsen Bitar katia Bitar and sheikh Ibrahim Yassine who was the last speaker . It is noteworthy that the committee “Qana al-Jalil ” has been more than twenty years in cooperation with the Congress of Arab institutions to commemorate the massacre of Qana, which killed two children from the Lebanese community when they were visiting their grandmother in Lebanon.


    Ismail Jomaa / Dearborn.org

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