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    Black mom, white daughter silence snoopy strangers

    Nobody loves you like your mama.

    A Black woman and her adopted daughter, who is white, have silenced snoopy strangers’ false assumptions about their family in an adorable video that has gone viral on social media.

    Jeena Wilder is a mother of four from Dallas, and opened up in a Monday interview about the positive response a recent video she made with her 6-year-old daughter talking to the tune of Lil Skeet’s “Nope Yup” received on Instagram, with over 102,000 likes.

    “Are you the nanny?” text on the screen read, to which the mom and daughter exclaimed “Nope!”


    “Are you her mother?” another asked. “Yup!” the duo said.

    “Did your husband cheat on you?” it continued. “Nope!” they replied.

    “Does she call you Mommy?” was the next question. “Yup!” they agreed.

    “Is she biologically yours?” another asked. “Nope,” they said.

    “Do you love her unconditionally?” the last question posed, as the mom and daughter shared a big hug with a heartfelt: “Yup!”

    Source: Fox news

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