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    Baker makes lifelike ‘selfie’ cake, slices off piece of her ‘face’

    You are what you eat and, apparently, this woman eats a lot of cake.

    A talented baker and cake designer recently went viral on social media for sharing an unusual self-portrait: a cake that looks exactly like her head.

    To prove there was no camera trickery involved, she also sliced off a piece to reveal the sweet, tasty filling.

    Texas-based baker Natalie Sideserf first shared footage and photos of the cake to her Instagram page last week. But while her page is full of pictures of the other hyper-realistic cakes she’s made, fans were especially enthralled with her selfie cake, with some saying it was identical to Sideserf herself (aside from the missing piece).

    Sideserf crafted the confection from yellow cake and buttercream frosting, with the exterior molded using modeling chocolate, The New York Post reports. Edible cat-eye makeup was used for finishing touches.

    She also shared a video detailing the process behind her selfie cake at her YouTube page.

    This isn’t the first time Sideserf has caught social media’s attention with her realistic cakes. She’s previously gone viral with cakes that look exactly like various fruits and vegetables, cartoon characters or animals.

    According to the Post, most of the cakes Sideserf makes for her online audience are just that, and not intended for sale or commercial consumption.

    Source: Fox news

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