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    Yemen’s president addresses nation on revolution anniversary

    DUBAI: Yemen’s President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi said ending the Houthi militia’s coup was the main requirement to bring back peace and order in the country.

    “Following several hard-hitting years of the militia’s destruction it is very clear that our peoples have no other option but to remove the coup and restore the state that can ensure the interests of the people and bring security to everybody, this is imperative,” Hadi said in a speech on the 58th anniversary of the Sept. 26 revolution, state news agency Saba New reported.

    Hadi also praised national revolutionists who stood up in the face of the oppressive monarchs and sacrificed a great deal to establish the republic during the Sept. 26th revolution.

    The Yemen leader said the Houthi militia have worsened the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.
    “We extended our hands for peace… extended significant concessions, in the hope of maintaining our country which has been exhausted by the war and disasters, we’ve continued to extend our hands for peace, but everyone knows the obstacles and the militia’s insistence on the war,” he said.

    Source: Arab News

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