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    Aoun Vows to Remain ‘Bulwark’ to Honor Presidential Oath

    President Michel Aoun on Sunday pledged that he will remain a “bulwark” in the face of “anyone trying to undermine the content” of his presidential oath of office.

    “If a promise is sacred, an oath is much more sacred! The oath of respecting the Constitution and laws and preserving the country and its territorial integrity,” Aoun tweeted.

    “I have made an oath, and I will abide by it until the last day of my tenure. I will remain a firm bulwark in the face of anyone trying to undermine its content,” the president added.

    Also on Sunday, Aoun condemned the deadly dawn attack on an army post in the northern region of Araman, saluting the two soldiers who were killed in the confrontation for confronting the explosive-armed assailant.

    The president has also followed up on the security developments in the northern region of Wadi Khaled, hailing the Internal Security Forces’ “security achievement in the face of the terrorist group that infiltrated the region through the Syrian border.”

    Source: Naharnet

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