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    Iraqi PM Reassures 25 Ambassadors of Ability to Protect Diplomatic Missions

    Iraq’s government acknowledged the dangerous repercussions of Washington choosing to close its embassy in Baghdad, and continued spending major efforts at home and abroad in order to contain the fallout of such a decision.


    Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi discussed with 25 Arab and foreign emissaries in Baghdad the implications of the US decision and the measures taken by his country to protect diplomatic missions from armed attacks.


    “Iraq is keen on enforcing the rule of law, the state’s monopoly on having weapons, protecting foreign missions, and diplomatic buildings,” Kadhimi told a meeting of 25 ambassadors and Charges d’Affaires, his office said in a statement.


    “Those who carry out attacks on foreign missions are seeking to destabilize Iraq and sabotage its regional and international relations,” he said.


    “These attacks do not target foreign missions alone, but have hurt innocent citizens, including children,” Kadhimi said, adding that state security institutions are adamant on ending the series of assaults and have taken measures accordingly.


    “The outlaws who try to harm the reputation of Iraq and its international obligations act on the inspiration of non-national motives, and they despise the will of the Iraqi people and their religious, political and cultural positions that have unanimously agreed on the seriousness of what they are doing,” Kadhimi noted.


    “We expressed our deep concern over the rise in the number and sophistication of attacks against diplomatic premises in Iraq,” the 25 diplomats said in a joint statement.


    “We welcome the actions that Prime Minister Kadhimi and his government have taken to address these concerns,” the statement added.


    In other news, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein on Wednesday called on the US to reconsider the decision of closing its embassy in Baghdad following repeated attacks on the embassy.


    Hussein made his first official comments about the possible withdrawal of the US embassy in Baghdad at a press conference.


    “We hope that the US administration will reconsider the decision to close the embassy, and we will communicate with it to reverse this decision,” Hussein told reporters.

    source: Baghdad- Asharq Al-Awsat

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