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    False Flag: Sinking a US warship as a reason for war against Russia?

    Sometimes you have to think the unthinkable in order to become aware of the danger in which we actually find ourselves. Even if a US-led NATO war against Russia (and, moreover, against China) is in fact an absolute suicide of the West, US elites still have enough arrogance to actually believe they can win such a war. Above all, the neocons, which can be found in both the Democrats and the Republicans and are often associated with Christian radical evangelical communities, can make friends with such an “Armageddon”.
    And considering that the Russian announcement of arming the hypersonic Kinzhal missile system is an invitation to feign such an attack on a US warship, one should not be surprised at the development of such war scenarios. One should only recall what experience the British Navy had in the Falklands conflict. In effect, every British warship was hit by low-flying Argentine Exocet missiles (Made in France). The HMS Sheffield and the Sir Galahad sank both at the time.
    And if one considers further, that especially the sacrifice of the USS Maine (reason for war against the Spaniards) the sinking of the Lusitania (war reason for the First World War) and the False-Flag-action in the Gulf of Tonking (reason for the entry into the Vietnam War) as a prime example of why the US elites do not care about their own initial losses, if you can start a war on the fence or join an existing war, you should be very sensitive again.
    It should not be forgotten that the Americans and their allies are currently gathering a large war fleet off Syria, which is a bunch of sitting ducks for the Russian hypersonic missiles that you just need to shoot down. And if, after another false flag action in Syria, the Americans strike the country with great firepower and suffer Russian casualties, who would not believe that Putin ordered the sinking of the Allied navy off Syria?
    In any case, we should all be very vigilant and observe what is going on in the region. An “Armageddon” is closer than some believe.

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