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    Today the Dearborn Police and the Dearborn City Beautiful Commission visited the Southend community of Dearborn to encourage business owners to keep their properties well maintained and up to city code. City Beautiful Chairman, Kimberly Ismail explained how award citation programs work for businesses that are deserving of one. Chairman Ismail also thanked each of the business owners for making Dearborn a more viable place to live. In conjunction with the City of Dearborn – The Dearborn Police has worked tiresly for the last 2 weeks with South End businesses and residential homes in an effort to improve quality of life issues. In some cases, Officers issued violations to business owners but will keep working with them to keep the community looking appealing. The Dearborn Police, 19th District Court Work Program & Department of Public Works have been working hard to get all these violations taken care of and the community cleaned up! It is noted that The Southend has the lowest crime rate in Dearborn!


    Ismail Jomaa / Dearborn.org

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