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    Hitler’s Globe-Shaped Drinks Bar Going on Sale After Spending 70 Years in Barn

    The drinks bar and five stools from Adolf Hitler’s yacht are going up for sale.

    The items are modelled on a sphere of the world and were saved from the Nazi leader’s 377ft vessel Aviso Grille before it was scrapped.

    The Führer used the bar to host Italy’s leader Benito Mussolini, German military chief Hermann Goering, Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and his deputy Rudolph Hess.

    The saloon set has been in a barn in rural Maryland in the US for 70 years.

    The son of the original buyer kept them in his basement as a curiosity.

    The lot has a top estimate of £194,000 for the sale on October 29.

    A spokesman for Alexander Historical Auctions said: “The bar resembles the world which Hitler hoped to conquer.”

    Navy chief Karl Doenitz, who succeeded Hitler as German leader, announced the Fuhrer’s death in May 1945 from the Aviso Grille’s deck.

    Source :The Sun

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