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    Dad makes epic ‘killer Zoom meeting’ Halloween costume for daughter

    There’s nothing scarier than an endless Zoom meeting.

    A 12-year-old girl in Iowa might have one of this year’s coolest Halloween costumes, thanks to her dad’s clever handiwork that transports her into a spooky monster meeting.

    Greg Dietzenbach is a creative director for a design agency in Dubuqe, and he nailed this year’s Halloween look for daughter Ada, Mashable reports.


    Inspired by the virtual video chats which have become a frequent fixture of work and school amid the pandemic, Dietzenbach crafted an elaborate foam board to mimic a Zoom call. The board features original photo-illustrations of seven monsters, a cut-out middle square for the wearer’s face (labeled “the masked murderer”) and an iPad with a front-facing camera, where the person looking at the costume will see themselves listed as “the next victim.”

    Taking it even further, Dietzenbach used Adobe Illustrator to transform photos of his daughter into the monsters, like Frankenstein, Dracula, a mummy and werewolf, each featured in the Zoom squares, per the outlet.

    Poking fun at the platform, other thoughtful details include “666 participants” and “share scream” buttons, too.

    The dad shared footage of the “killer Zoom Meeting costume” to Twitter on Wednesday, in a quick clip that’s gone viral with over 10,000 views.

    Though he proudly creates Halloween costumes for his two kids each year, Dietzenbach explained that the Zoom masterpiece feels especially memorable during this strange time.

    “Due to COVID-19 we didn’t even know if our town would have trick-or-treating this year,” he said. “Social distancing has made my kids Zoom experts… it felt like it was a costume idea worth exploring.”

    “2020 has been tough, it’s nice to know we’ll be giving some joy to others,” he added.


    Source: Fox news