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    Clip of cat walking the wrong way down an escalator goes viral

    This catwalk is apparently quite captivating.

    A less than 30-second clip of a cat prancing the wrong way down an escalator has been viewed more than six million times since it was posted online this weekend.

    In the short clip, a chubby black and white cat is seen hopping down the escalator as it goes up. The incident reportedly happened at a library in eastern China.

    The cat, which was described as “stubborn,” appears to realize its mistake as it watches a human walk past it, but ever determined, continues on its wrong path down the escalator

    According to the person who shot the video, Ms He, the cat eventually just went back to the top of the escalator, she told the Daily Mail

    Responses on the post, which was shared on Douyin, a Chinese version of TikTok, as well as other social media sites, commented on the cat’s athleticism.

    “This is a sports-loving cat,” one person commented, the Daily Mail reported. “Even cats have their treadmill nowadays,” another wrote.

    The cat was uninjured, but it was not shared how it got into the library in the first place – clearly it wasn’t to study physics.

    Another playful cat recently made headlines, albeit for a much more costly curiosity.

    A cat in the UK flooded its owners’ apartment, ruining the floors and ceiling after it learned how to plug the bathroom sink and turn on the faucet.

    .Source: Fox news


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