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    Trump says Kim Jong Un meeting should be set in a ‘couple of days’

    President Trump said the final details of a summit meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, particularly the date and location, could announced as early as this week.
    “We’re setting up meetings right now, and I think it’s probably going to be announced over the next couple of days — location and date,” Trump said.
    Trump has said he wants the summit to take place in late May or early June and, while several countries are under consideration as sites, he has talked up facilities at the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.
    Speaking with reporters at a ceremony to honor survivors of the Southwest Airlines flight that nearly crashed last month, Trump also said he was honored that South Korea President Moon Jae-in had mentioned him as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.
    “I thought it was very generous of President Moon of South Korea to make that statement, and I appreciate it,” Trump said. “But the main thing is to get it done; I want to get it done.”
    Trump said he wants to meet Kim about a potential agreement in which North Korea ends its nuclear weapons programs. The president said he would leave the meeting if he believes Kim is not interested in that goal.
    As aides work out the details of a meeting, Trump said he will continue to encourage China and other countries to cut off economic assistance to North Korea in an effort to pressure Kim to give up nukes.
    “I think the summit’s going to happen,” Trump said Monday of talks with North Korea. “They very much want it. We certainly would like to see it … And personally, I think it’s going to be a success, but we’ll see.”
    He added: “If it’s not a success, I will respectfully leave. It’s very simple.”
    Kim and Moon recently held high level talks at the DMZ, and Trump said that example intrigued him in terms of a location.
    “There’s a great celebration to be had on the site, not in a third-party country,” Trump said. “So we are looking at the possibility of doing it in that location. We’re also looking at various other countries, including Singapore.”

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