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    In Instagram and WhatsApp soon it will be possible to make group video calls

    It became known that very soon in such programs as Instagram and WhatsApp function F8 conference appears. Users of these messengers will be able to make group video calls. 
     Some Instagram users already have this feature. So far, video calls can only be made by randomly selected users who have entered the test group. All the others will be able to participate in the videoconference after a few weeks. At the moment there is no information on how many people will be able to participate in video calls. However, there is an opinion that no more than 4 people will be involved in the conference.
    And Mark Zuckenberg said that in the coming months, such a feature will appear in the program WhatsApp. Such a decision was made by the developers, because personal video calls are very popular among users and the figures have already amounted to about 2 billion minutes for video calls of users.
    This information was provided by the founder of the social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

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