Michigan releases COVID-19 testing turnaround data; current estimated time is 3 days

    The State of Michigan added a new feature to its regular pandemic updates that now shows the turnaround time of COVID-19 tests in labs across the state.

    The chart specifically tracks the estimated turnaround time for COVID-19 diagnostic testing results reported to the the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in the last 14 days. It also breaks down every Michigan lab, commercial or public, and their individual turnaround times.

    As of Nov. 17, Michigan’s estimated turnaround time for COVID-19 diagnostic testing is nearly 3 days. Turnaround time is calculated by subtracting the date the test sample was taken from the date the results reached the state.

    Transport time is calculated by the date the test sample was taken from the date the sample reached a lab for analysis. So far, all transport times have been under two days.

    Lab Type Test Count Transport Time (Days) Total Turnaround Time (Days)
    Commercial 573,350 0.93 3.31
    Hospital 305,583 0.62 2.07
    Public Health 8,072 0.51 2.18
    State Total 887,005 0.76 2.84

    The state notes public health laboratories perform fewer diagnostic testing for infectious diseases.

    Tests results also can be released to the patients sooner than they are received by the state.

    Michigan listed some factors that could impact turnaround times: How does the lab reporting the results? Electronic or by paper? What are the reporting specifications used by the lab? Are they using a standard template? On days with a high volume of results, MDHHS’s capacity for processing can be delayed and result in a “lag” between the submission of the test and its actual receipt.

    Source: detroit free press

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