‘A perfect storm’: College students face incredible mental health stressors during COVID-19 pandemic

    It’s a hard time to be in college. It’s never easy, of course, as a major life transition into a new social setting on top of the actual school work.

    But this year is proving to be especially difficult, with a pandemic and multiple hurricanes impacting classes, student activities, people’s jobs and their health.

    “So during January everything was fine; I really enjoyed going to school,” said Jordyn Ratliff, 19, a sophomore chemistry major at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. “March came around and everything crumbled so quickly.”

    Most of Ratliff’s classes are in math and science, which have not translated well to online learning. Plus, there’s the lack of socialization.

    “It’s hard to stay motivated,” she said. “I’m just sitting on a computer screen all day. It’s become a lot harder to cope with all the stress I’ve been feeling.”

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