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    Michigan coronavirus cases up to 302,705; Death toll now at 8,478

    The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan has risen to 302,705 as of Saturday, including 8,478 deaths, state officials report.

    Saturday’s update represents 7,528 new cases and 101 additional deaths.

    The deaths announced today includes 59 deaths identified during a Vital Records review.

    On Friday, the state reported a total of 9,779 new cases and 53 additional deaths.

    Yesterday’s update represents Michigan’s highest single-day total by 1,263 cases. The state reported 8,516 new cases on Nov. 13.

    Today the State of Michigan reported a total of 152,267 recoveries.

    New COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to rise in Michigan. Testing has increased in recent weeks, with more than 45,000 diagnostic tests reported per day, but the positive rate has increased to above 13% over the last week. Hospitalizations have increased steadily for the last five weeks, including upticks in critical care and ventilator use.

    Michigan’s 7-day moving average for daily cases was 7,025 on Thursday, the highest it has ever been. The 7-day death average was 70, the highest since May. The state’s fatality rate is 2.9%. The state also reports “active cases,” which were listed at 137,000 on Thursday, near its highest mark on record.

    According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 4.4 million have recovered in the U.S., with more than 11.9 million cases reported across the country. More than 254,800 have died in the U.S.

    Worldwide, more than 57.7 million people have been confirmed infected and more than 1.37 million have died, according to Johns Hopkins University. The true numbers are certainly much higher, because of limited testing, different ways nations count the dead and deliberate under-reporting by some governments.


    Source:  ClickOnDetroit

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