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    An Icelandic airline is looking for two friends to travel around the world

    Life is full of opportunities, you just have to know how to look for them. That should be thought by the hundreds of candidates who are responding to a unique job offer launched by the Icelandic airline Wow Air . The job is to travel around the world with your best friend three months of summer in exchange for 3,600 euros per month. It does not sound bad.
    The proposal of this airline is that two friends move to Reykjavik and from there travel, with all expenses paid, to the destinations marked by the company. In return, the chosen candidates will act as a digital guide, uploading content from their trips to social networks and preparing a kind of memory.
    “The tour guides will be accommodated in a furnished apartment in the center of Reykjavik,” explains the company’s announcement . «Wow Air will be responsible for choosing, booking and paying for the hotels. The guides will make eight trips to random air Wow Air destinations from Iceland (each trip will last from 2 to 4 days ) and they will also make at least four national trips through Iceland and all will be made over the course of 10 weeks during the summer of 2018 » .
    A salary of 3,600 euros per month
    The monthly salary of the chosen ones will be of ISK 405,000 per month (about 3,600 euros at the change), but the requirements are quite demanding. In addition, minors or companies or employees of the airline Wow Air can not appear.
    «Debe dominar el inglés y poder expresarse con claridad en este idioma. Al solicitar el trabajo, usted reconoce que no está empleado, contratado o asociado con ninguna otra aerolínea en cualquier parte del mundo y que su participación en el proyecto no infringe otras obligaciones contractuales suyas», advierte el anuncio. «Debe gozar de buena salud física y mental y, si lo solicita Wow Air, demostrar que no hay ninguna condición médica, psicológica o adicional que pueda afectar a su participación en el proyecto. Usted afirma y garantiza que no es usuario de ninguna droga o sustancia prohibida».
    To enter the selection process, which closes theoretically on May 14 , candidates must submit a video of about two minutes and links to their social networks. On May 18 the airline will announce the name of the chosen ones.