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    Man files federal lawsuit against Dearborn Police Department for alleged assault

    A 22-year-old man has filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging he was assaulted by a Dearborn police officer in November 2018 when he stopped to ask for directions.

    Luther Gonzalez-Hall said that Officer Marvin Sanders used excessive force by choking him during an interaction at the White Castle on Telegraph Road.

    In the suit, Gonzalez-Hall said he was leaving his girlfriend’s house on his bicycle when he stopped Sanders and asked for directions.

    After getting directions from the officer, Gonzalez-Hall stopped at the restaurant to confirm the directions. Body camera footage released shows Sanders followed Gonzalez-Hall into the restaurant and kept asking why he was there.

    The footage shows Sanders push Gonzalez-Hall.

    During the altercation Sanders camera fell off, so not all details of the incident were captured on video. A second officer’s camera caught Gonzalez-Hall being cuffed.

    The suit names the Dearborn Police Department, the city of Dearborn and Sanders as co-defendants.

    Criminal charges against Gonzalez-Hall were eventually dropped.

    The Dearborn Police Department declined to comment on the pending litigation.

    Source: Press and guide