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    This is how Facebook Dating will work, the platform with which the social network wants to compete with Tinder

    “If we are committed to building meaningful relationships, then this is perhaps the most significant of all,” said Mark Zuckerberg, presenting one of the main novelties that Facebook will feature this year.
    This is Facebook Dating, an application with which the platform will venture into the world of dating applications to help single people to meet potential candidates
    “There are 200 million people on Facebook who identify as single,” Zuckerberg said at the presentation, during the annual event of developers of the social network, the F8, which takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday in California, United States.
    Therefore, Zuckerberg was quick to say that the dating service was designed “with privacy and security in mind from the start”.
    But, how exactly will this tool work?
    Independent of your “news feed”
    The dating tool will be within the Facebook application, but it is optional.
    If you want to use it, the first thing you have to do is complete your profile . Do not fear, this will not be visible or will appear in the “news feed”, so your Facebook friends do not have to know that you are using Dating.
    In addition, the tool will only suggest people who are not your friends
    Dating will only show the name, the photo, the place of residence and basic information about the tastes and interests of the users.
     in the social network, but who do use the dating service and match the preferences you indicated in your profile.
    The event takes place in a gloomy climate due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and amid growing concerns about the issue of privacy.
    with whom to maintain a romantic relationship.
    It also allows you to see events in your city and join groups that may interest you.
    If in one of these events or groups you see someone you are interested in, you can start a conversation with your profile picture. If that person wants to respond, a private chat will open , connected to your profile and independent of Facebook Messenger.
    Facebook explained that it is only a text chat, as a security measure.
    Lack of trust
    Although in his presentation Facebook put emphasis on privacy and security, after the recent data breach scandals, this new service was received with more than skepticism.
    Some users rated the idea totally unnecessary .
    Although there is still no official date for its launch, the head of Facebook said it would be “soon”.
    However, its impact was already noticed in what would be its main competitor: Tinder, the dating application that obtains information from Facebook profiles.
    The shares of the company that owns Tinder, Match Group, fell 20% after Zuckerberg’s announcement.
    “Nobody asked Facebook for a dating application … this is specifically something so unnecessary in the light of recent scandals,” one user wrote on Twitter