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    Trump’s lawyer: I will not allow a creature to investigate Ivanka

    Rudolf Giuliani, a lawyer for US President Donald Trump, has expressed his determination to prevent federal investigators from questioning the daughter of the White House master at any cost.
    In an interview with Fox News last Wednesday, Giuliani said, “If you are going to be interrogated by the FBI, you will be questioned by Trump’s daughter for investigating the Russian intervention. With a bayonet, if they come to it. 
    Giuliani stressed that Ivanka’s interrogation would call for the anger of the Americans with their families against the special investigator Robert Mueller, who leads the “Russian investigation.
    At the same time, the Vanity Fair magazine noted that Giuliani’s determination to protect Ivanka from investigators did not include her husband, Jared Kouchner, who had already been questioned by investigators in the case without Giuliani

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