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    American police custody of two Saudi girls

    The security authorities in Florida’s Hillsboro County state of Florida have detained two Saudi children, Talia, 5, and Mayer, 7, for fear that their parents smuggled them into Saudi Arabia.
    According to the newspaper “Sabd” Saudi Arabia, the Court’s decision to house the two children by the State Child Protection Department.
    The authorities confirmed that the mother handed over the two children in the presence of her lawyer, and that they were in good health, following the arrest of their father last week on charges of domestic violence against his wife.
    A quarrel broke out between the husband Rami Abdul Rahman al-Subhi and his wife Amira Salem al-Ghamdi. The husband beat his wife and physically assaulted her, so the wife informed the police.
    The police tried to reassure the wife and two children after the husband’s arrest, but the woman refused to cooperate with the authorities, raising doubts among investigators about the possibility of the mother and father sending the two children to Saudi Arabia.
    Investigators learned that the husband was planning with his wife to leave for Saudi Arabia, because the court’s decision to extradite the two children to the state authorities had not been implemented.

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