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    Iranian politicians burn US flag as they chant ‘Death to America’ in reaction to deal

    MEMBERS of the Iranian Parliament set fire to a US flag while shouting “death to America” following Donald Trump’s announcement to withdraw from the landmark nuclear deal with Iran.
    The shocking protest gesture came as US President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday he would withdraw the United States from the historic nuclear deal with Iran and five other nations.
    Members of the Iranian Parliament also set fire to a piece of paper representing the deal as they continued to chant “death to America.
    The chant has been used in Iran since its 1979 Islamic Revolution. It is also commonly shouted within Parliament.
    Following President Trump’s announcement, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani responded in a speech to the nation that Tehran would, for now, remain within the accord, and would negotiate with Russia and China– “the world’s two super powers”– on a path forward.
    But he said that Iran would prepare to resume uranium enrichment as a contingency.
    He said: “Iran is a country that adheres to its commitments and the US is a country that has never adhered to its commitments.”
    Tensions between Iran and the US have been escalating after the US President claimed Iran is the world’s main exporter of terrorism.
    Donald Trump warned of a “nuclear arms race” in the Middle East as he pulled the US from the Iran nuclear deal.
    The US President said pulling out of the Iran deal was essential “to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon”.
    He warned of the prospect of “a nuclear arms race in the Middle East”, in which all states would work towards acquiring nuclear weapons if Iran got there first.
    Speaking at the White House, the President said: “The Iran deal is defective at its core. If we do nothing, we know exactly what will happen.
    In just a short period of time, the world’s leading state sponsor of terror will be on the cusp of acquiring the world’s most dangerous weapon.
    ”The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA) between America, Britain, the EU as a whole, France, Germany, Russia, China and Iran was supposed to see Tehran end its nuclear weapons programme in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.
    But Mr Trump criticised the “disastrous” accord for doing nothing to curb Iran’s ballistic missile capability or repeated interventions in wars in Syria where it has supported President Assad and Yemen.
    He said: “In theory, the so-called Iran deal was supposed to protect the United States and our allies from the lunacy of an Iranian nuclear bomb, a weapon that will only endanger the survival of the Iranian regime.
    “In fact, the deal allowed Iran to continue enriching uranium, and over time reach the brink of a nuclear breakout.
    “This was a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made. “It didn’t bring calm. It didn’t bring peace. And it never will.”
    The President added: “Powerful sanctions will go into full effect. If the regime continues its nuclear aspirations, it will have bigger problems than it has ever had before.”
    And he warned that those who “seek to help Iran will feel the wrath of America”.
    Trump insisted the US would continue to work with allies to “find a lasting solution to the Iranian nuclear threat, its ballistic missiles and its menacing activity across the Middle East”.
    He pledged: “The people of America stand with the long-suffering people of Iran.
    “The future of Iran belongs to its people they deserve a nation that does justice to their dreams.”

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