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    Trump scuttles Iran nuclear deal but offers no plan for what comes next

     It didn’t bring calm, it didn’t bring peace, and it never will  This agreement remains important for our shared security, they said, and pledged their continued commitment to it  I’d probably say the same thing if I was in their position  But the fact is, they are going to want to make a new and lasting deal  Administration officials said the president demonstrated that the United States will not accept ‘inadequate deals,’ but others see a retreat from leadership. It exports dangerous missiles, fuels conflicts across the Middle East, and supports terrorist proxies and militias such as Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban, and al Qaeda  We have also consulted with our friends from across the Middle East  But it can be a great thing for North Korea, South Korea, Japan and the entire world Iran will not be permitted to build additional heavy-water reactors or accumulate any excess heavy water until 2031  If the Joint Commission cannot resolve a dispute, it will be referred to the UN Security Council  A UN ban on the import of ballistic missile technology will also remain in place for up to eight yearsGetting rid of America’s mischievous presence will be fine for Iran  He signalled as much during the first state visit of his presidency, when French President Emmanuel Macron was honoured at the White House  We will have a great show t doing a much bigger, ‘maybe deal, maybe not’ dealThe sanctions the U.S. waived because of the accord will be reinstated  According to a congressional aide, O’Keefe reports, there will be 90- and 180-day wind-downs on various aspects of what is known as the JCPOA, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of ActionPresident Trump will announce Tuesday that he is pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, according to a report Mr. Trump told French President Emmanuel Macron earlier in the day of his decision to withdrawal the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal, The New York Times reported

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