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    Tons of chocolate spilled onto Polish highway after a truck overturned. Now it’s hardening

    The tons of liquid milk chocolate covering a highway in Poland is hardening, blocking traffic and creating a nightmare for clean-up crews.
    The chocolate spilled onto the highway near Slupca, Poland, early Wednesday, when a tractor-trailer transporting the chocolate overturned, reports the Associated Press and the New York Times. 
    The chocolate gushed across all six lanes on the A2 which, the Times notes, connects Poznan to Warsaw. It blocked traffic in both directions.
    Videos posted to Twitter show excavators scooping the soppy, sticky mess from the highway as traffic builds up. Meanwhile, the truck lies on its side in the median. 
    The driver, the Associated Press reports, suffered a broken arm and was hospitalized. No others were hurt. It wasn’t known why the truck turned over, reports the Times,
    Now, crews must deal with the massive mess. The Times, citing local reports, said the truck carried 12 tons of chocolate.
    The cooling chocolate is worse than snow,” senior brigadier Bogdan Kowalski of Slupca, Poland’s fire brigade told the Associated Press.
    How do you move thousands of pounds of hardening chocolate off a highway? Marlena Kukawa told the Times hot water will melt the chocolate off the road.
    “It will take a few hours or more,” she told the Times