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    Alleged Missile Launched From Syria Scares Israeli Wedding Guests

    Israel has been on high alert since the IDF claimed Iranian forces in Syria had fired around 20 rockets at Tel Aviv’s frontline positions.
    A footage, uploaded to YouTube, shows an Israeli wedding reception being interrupted by emergency sirens and people, including the groom and the bride, screaming and running away in panic as a missile, allegedly launched from Syria, passed over the site of the party. 
    On May 9, the Army Radio network operated by the IDF reported that alleged Iranian forces had launched missile strikes as Israel.
    “Launches of about 20 missiles were registered at around midnight toward the frontier positions in the Golan Heights by Iran’s al-Quds forces,” an Israeli army spokesman told reporters. “Several bases were targeted,” the spokesman said, adding that some rockets were intercepted.
    In the meantime, a member of Iranian parliament’s commission on security and foreign policy Abolfazl Hassan Beigi emphasized that Tehran did not maintain a military presence in Syria.
    “Iran has no military presence in Syria, no bases. Israel is lying. It was Syria that conducted strikes yesterday in response to the repeated attacks on the country. Israel must realize that the situation has changed and aggression would not go unanswered,” the official stressed.
    Later, Tel Aviv retaliated with airstrikes on purported Iranian positions in Syria, reportedly targeting arms depots, logistical sites and intelligence centers used by elite Iranian forces

    According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 28 Israeli F-15 and F-16 jets were involved in the operation, with more than 60 air-to-ground missiles launched over various parts of Syria with half of them being downed. In addition, Tel Aviv fired over 10 tactical ground-to-ground missiles, the ministry stated.


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