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    Kamchatka State Technical University presented new directions of work. Employees of the university presented more than 30 types of products made from algae. This was reported in the press service of the government of the region. The innovative development of scientists during the working visit was assessed by the First Vice Governor of the Kamchatka Territory Irina Untilova and Deputy Prime Minister of the region Vladimir Prigornev. The presentation presented the results of primary processing of algae (dry laminaria, grits, flour, micronized powder, gel), food products (bakery, pasta, confectionery, chips, freeze-dried soups, rolls, juices and cocktails), pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products. First vice-governor of the region Irina Untilova noted that large reserves of this bioresource are concentrated off the coast of Kamchatka, which now is practically not processed. In order to change this, it is necessary to establish a dialogue between scientists and business. “I think it makes sense to conduct another such presentation for the Council on Science and Innovation under the governor of the province,” Irina Untilova said. – Invite entrepreneurs to see how possible to use these developments in the industrial framework, prompted some business aspects. I am grateful to the employees of Kamchatka State Technical University for the fact that they are studying, developing something new. Considering that more and more people are thinking about proper nutrition, trying to eat healthy food, I think that such a project has a future. ” Specialists of the University have already started studying the fish processing by-products. In their opinion, with full, but not primary cutting of fish from waste, it is possible to produce feed for aquaculture.

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