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    UNSC Urges Myanmar to Stop Use of Excessive Military Force in Rakhine State

    United Nations: The United Nations Security Council urged the Myanmar government on Monday to “ensure no further excessive use of military force in Rakhine state,” where violence has forced more than 600,000 Rohingya Muslims to flee the Buddhist-majority Asian country.
    The United Nations has denounced the violence during the past 10 weeks as a classic example of ethnic cleansing. However, the Myanmar government has denied such allegations.
    To appease council veto powers Russia and China – Britain and France dropped a push for the Security Council to adopt a resolution on the situation. Instead, the 15-member body unanimously agreed on a formal statement.
    The council expressed “grave concern over reports of human rights violations and abuses in Rakhine State, including by the Myanmar security forces, in particular against persons belonging to the Rohingya community.”
    “The Security Council calls upon the Government of Myanmar to ensure no further excessive use of military force in Rakhine State, to restore civilian administration and apply the rule of law, and to take immediate steps in accordance with their obligations and commitments to respect human rights,” it said.


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