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    Attack with a knife in the center of Paris: what we know (and what we do not know yet)

    The attack took place in a busy district of the capital. A man armed with a knife assaulted passersby in central Paris , Saturday, May 12 in the early evening, causing several casualties. Franceinfo summarizes what we know and what we do not know yet.
    >>  Attack with a knife in Paris: follow the situation in our live
    What happened ? 
    Shortly before 9 pm, on Saturday evening, a lone man, with a knife and shouting “Allah Akbar”, attacked several passers-by, chosen randomly, in rue Monsigny (2nd arrondissement). This street is located  between the Place de l’Opera and Place de la Bourse, in an area of ​​bars, restaurants and theaters, very popular on Saturday night. Very quickly, a large police device was then deployed, and the other passers-by who were in bars or restaurants were confined inside the establishments.
    What is the balance sheet? 
    According to a report sent by the Paris police headquarters shortly before 22:30, one of the assailants was killed. A 34-year-old man was transported in “absolute emergency” to Paris Pompidou Hospital and a 54-year-old woman was also seriously injured. A 26-year-old woman and a 31-year-old man were more lightly.
    “The most seriously injured person (…) is better” , she “was operated and so today it is saved” , welcomed, the night of Saturday to Sunday, the Minister of the Interior Gerard Collomb, who went to his bedside to Georges Pompidou. “Two of his friends are in another hospital, they are totally out of danger.A fourth person who was injured is also out of danger, ” he added.
    The perpetrator of the attack, he was shot. Alerted by phone calls, the police immediately intervened, and  “tried to use a Taser twice, but it did not work.” As the individual approached and tried to attack to one of our colleagues physically with the knife, he had to use his service weapon twice to neutralize the individual, ” explained Loïc Travers of the Alliance union on franceinfo.
    Who is the assailant?
    He had no papers on him when he was shot but he was eventually identified. According to franceinfo , he is a Russian born in Chechnya in 1997. His parents were taken into custody.
    What do we know about his motives?
    If the investigation should clarify the exact motivations of the perpetrator of this attack, the procedure used and the fact that the assailant shouted “Allah Akbar” during the attack led to the referral to the antiterrorist section of the prosecutor’s office. Paris, announced the prosecutor of Paris, François Molins.
    Late in the evening, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack through its propaganda agency.
    What are the first reactions? 
    “All my thoughts are with the victims and the wounded of the knife attack perpetrated this evening in Paris, as well as their relatives.” On behalf of all the French, I salute the courage of the police officers who neutralized the terrorist. again the blood money but does not give an inch to the enemies of freedom ” , reacted in the evening the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, which is the weekend to fort Brégançon (Var).
    Interior Minister Gerard Collomb, for his part,  “greeted” via his Twitter account “cold blood and responsiveness of police forces that neutralized the assailant” . “My first thoughts are with the victims of this heinous act ,” he added.
    “Tonight, our city was bruised , for its part reacted the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo My first thoughts go to the family of the victim who lost their lives.I also think of the wounded and their loved ones. want to tell them that all Parisians are at their side. “

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