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    Professor at the University of Maryland: 5 factors lead you to colon cancer

     Professor at the University of Maryland: 5 factors lead you to the cancer of the colon, in the beginning must be careful about the importance of our dear visitors, where the Arab citizen seeks the first and last to know the truth, and the tanning that this is what we seek also under the policy that is working “Five factors that lead you to colon cancer,” which became the main goal of respecting the mind of the Arab continent, which seeks to know the credibility of the news that he is browsing, and on our part and our keenness to deliver the truth to the continental We are offering the news The most prominent of the day, which comes under the title of “Professor at the University of Maryland: 5 factors lead you to colon cancer.” (Arab News _ your way to know the truth), the news was transferred on Friday, 11 May 2018 04:15 pm – wrote Amal Allam Dr. Nader Hanna, Professor of Oncology Surgery at the University of Maryland, USA, said that the surgical treatment of the spread of peritoneal tumors causes this type of cancer, identifying five factors that lead to colon cancer, “the result of the wrong diet based on the consumption of red meat and processed meat , Increased fat intake in food, low intake of vegetables and fresh fruits, obesity and lack of exercise. He said in statements to the “seventh day”, that this type of cancers of the digestive system, especially colon cancer, explaining that the prevalence of colon cancer to the peritoneal membrane from 8 to 10%, especially in cases of severe colon for less than 60 years, to me That in a large proportion of cases, these tumors are detected, during the eradication of the colon, without prior knowledge of the physician even in the presence of radiation and cross-sectional scans, explaining that when the arrival of the tumor to the peritoneal membrane is in its late stages. He concluded that the surgical treatment with chemotherapy thermo-heating during the surgery outperform the normal chemical treatment, pointing out that That there are currently several clinical studies to compare this type of surgical treatment with thermotherapy by conventional chemotherapy, as well as if the use of surgical treatment alone and compare them. He explained that colorectal cancer affects about 150 thousand people in the United States of America annually, noting that 5% of cases are the result of genetic genes, and about 10 to 15% due to family inheritance without knowledge of specific genetic genes, Dr. Nader Hanna advises anyone at the age of 50 to perform a colonoscopy to remove the protrusions that may appear at this age before they become cancer. It is also recommended to operate a colonoscopy when there is any blood in the stool and not to be diagnosed as hemorrhoids. Professor at the University of Maryland: 5 factors that lead you to colon cancer, we hope that we have transferred the previous news in a transparent way to you, where we are always trying to clarify and uncover the truth and nothing else, and do not confuse your opinion in the above news through comments as your opinions concern us “Five factors lead you to colon cancer.” Do not forget to follow us on the social networking pages of our site, Al Arab News, which are our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, and put an impression and follow them to reach you latest and latest Political News Five factors that lead you to colon cancer. Arab News – Professor at the University of Maryland: 5 factors lead you to colon cancer
    Source : the seventh day