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    7P BREATH SENSOR Breathalyser that can detect cocaine in minutes developed by scientists

    SCIENTISTS have developed a breathalyser that can detect cocaine in minutes.
    Experts hope the 7p microchip will also identify marijuana and opioids and boost the war on drug drivers.
    Fitted to a hand-held device, it can identify drug “fingerprints” in breath, urine, saliva or blood by capturing light which interacts with chemicals.
    The technology — Surfaced Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy — is not new but the speed of the sensor and its low cost, are seen as a game changer in quick drug detection.
    Buffalo University in New York State said the chip could herald technology that had “long been on the wish-list of police”.
    Prof Qiaoqiang Gan said: “The chip can be produced using raw materials that cost around 10 cents (7p)
    The fabrication techniques we used are also low cost.
    “We hope to also use this technology to detect other drugs.”

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