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    “Snapshot” retracts changes that have angered users

    Snape on Friday cancelled the changes announced at the end of last year, its intention to introduce them to Snapechat after the great resentment expressed by the users of the application.
    Among these measures, in particular, Snabshat will return “Friends” the messages in reverse chronological order and will return “stories” published from “Friends” to the right of the screen.
    Snape said that the content of institutional bodies such as the brands or the media will be presented separately in a special window.
    The changes will take place during the first phase of users of Apple-manufactured devices, before expanding to form the devices running the “Android” of Google.
    Snapshat, known mainly as its short life span picture messages, is popular with teenagers.
    Snape, who has suffered consequential financial losses, announced in November that the change in the form of demand in order to attract new users and advertisers.
    These changes include, in particular, the separation of content and bars: on the left side of the application, the content of “Friends” are shown on the right of the content published by institutional bodies.
    But these changes have provoked anger from users. A petition demanding that SNAP-back of 1.2 million signatures, was signed Friday.
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