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    Al-Hariri meets UAE crown prince

    Saad Al-Hariri, who resigned as Lebanese prime minister at the weekend, flew on Tuesday to Abu Dhabi for talks with UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan.
    The two discussed “the brotherly relations between Lebanon and the UAE as well as recent developments in Lebanon,” Al-Hariri’s press office said. Al-Hariri then flew back to Riyadh.
    Amid the unsettled situation in Lebanon after the prime minister’s unexpected resignation, President Michel Aoun conducted consultations with former presidents of the republic, speakers and prime ministers to assign a successor to Al-Hariri while waiting for his return.
    “It is too early to talk about the resignation or the formation of a new government,” said Speaker Nabih Berri, after meeting with President Aoun on Monday night.
    The press office of the head of the “Future Movement” parliamentary bloc, Fouad Siniora, said: “There are internal and external causes for Al-Hariri’s resignation which should be examined and addressed.
    “On the internal level, some are insisting on controlling the country, disturbing the established balances and causing problems. On the external level, there must be a solution for the imbalances in foreign policy, namely in Lebanon’s relations with Arab countries. We should put an end to whatever does not fulfill Lebanon’s interests regionally or the interests of brotherly Arab countries of the region.

    source : Arab News

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