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    Isabel de Farnesio’s Blue Diamond was auctioned for $ 6.7 million

    A blue diamond owned by the second wife of King Felipe V of Spain, Isabel de Farnesio, was today sold at an auction of fine and splendid jewelry for $ 6.7 million, well above the value of, who had calculated this historical piece.
    The auction house of Sotheby & # 39; s had estimated this pear cut diamond and 6.16 carats to be between 3.5 and 5 million dollars.
    The identity of the new owner of this historic piece remains in reserve.
    “We have had very satisfying results, especially in the case of the Farnese diamond (with the name of its original owner), my darling for its fantastic story: 300 years in the hands of members of the same family,” commented Sotheby’s vice president for Europe, Daniela Mascetti, at the end of the auction.
    “We expected good results, but we started at 3.5 million and arrived at $ 6.7 million … This piece really exceeded our expectations.”
    The diamond was made by Isabel de Farnesio in 1715 Presented wedding gift, at that time Spain was impoverished by the War of Succession and all the colonies had to send gifts, especially jewelry, to make a gift to the new queen.
    So a fleet of twelve ships loaded with gold, emeralds and other gems came out of Cuba, but ten days later a hurricane sank most of it. Of the ships in the Gulf of Florida that only save one, the one who transported the diamond.
    This had been sent by the Governor of the Philippines, the Spanish colony between 1565 and 1821, as an original plate mentioned inside the jewelry box
    The Spanish diamond was the lot with the third highest price of the evening, behind a 51, 7 carat diamonds in a ring and that was bought for 9.2 million dollars and this became the most expensive piece of the auction.
    Second was another 50.9ct diamond and also mounted on a ring that divided by 8.1 million dollars
    “There was a lot of uproar and turmoil in the room and the result of the three biggest diamonds was very satisfying, “said Mascetti.

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