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    PRINCELY BLOWER 24K gold Royal Wedding iPhone X celebrates Harry and Meg’s big day and costs over £3,500

    JUST WHEN you thought luxury blowers couldn’t get any more lavish, somebody goes and makes a 24K gold iPhone X featuring Prince Harry and his bride to be.
    The new £3,597 device also comes with a diamond-encrusted Apple logo on the back.
    Below that is the black-and-white engraving of the royal couple, who are set to tie the knot this Saturday at Windsor Castle.
    “The Royal Wedding 2018” reads the text underneath the etching of the beaming duo. “Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle”.
    And you’d expect this blinging device to be on Harry and Meg’s gifts list.
    At least you get the top-of-the-range 256GB storage model of the iPhone X for the price.
    The handset will be delivered in a “luxury cherry oak finish box” with all the peripherals you’d find inside the regular packaging for plebs.
    Just in case you’re seriously thinking of snapping it up, we should note that only 99 limited edition handsets are available.
    So you best be quick.
    The Royal Wedding iPhone X is the brainchild of Goldgenie, which has been blinging out gadgets and cars for almost a decade.
    Now the company is worth £10 million – and its celebrity clients include Usain Bolt, Rihanna and Elton John.
    “From 24k gold ten speed bicycles, to coffee makers, to iMacs, the Goldgenie team creates pieces that are artistic as well as seamlessly functional,” claims the company.
    And in case you don’t have a spare £3,597 lying around, there’s a cheaper version of the iPhone X that ditches the diamonds.
    That device will cost you a mere £3,097.
    Still, the handsets aren’t as garish as the gold iPhone X featuring Vladimir Putin’s mug on the back.
    “This really is an event that in some ways brings the world together,” said Goldgenie CEO and founder Laban Roomes.
    “It is certainly unfolding on the world’s stage and so we wanted to offer our elegant interpretation of this spectacular love story.”

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