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    TEXTING BY WAVE OF FINGER Scientists develop ‘subtle’ way of texting by waving a finger

    The system called Fingerping operates with a thumb ring that detects movements in the hand.
    It sends “chirps” which are read by a smartwatch and turned into text.
    The gestures can be as simple as tapping a finger or making the sign for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.
    It means phone users can send messages while in social situations without appearing rude.
    It could also help ease arthritis in the hands, and be used to translate sign language.
    Developers from Georgia, US, said: “This combination is going to make texting really subtle.”
    Lead researcher Cheng Zhang said: “Some interaction is not socially appropriate.
    “But a wearable device is always on you so you should have the ability to interact through that at any time in an appropriate and discreet fashion.

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