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    Russia’s “aircraft carrier killer” makes NATO and the Pentagon tremble

    NATO and the Pentagon are worried about the “floating fortresses”. Because: Russia has developed an “aircraft carrier killer” who can sink these before they are even able to take countermeasures.
    Russia proves that even without oversized military budgets, it is possible to build a functioning and efficient national defense that can compete with the US extermination machinery. In this case, this also includes an “aircraft carrier killer,” which causes great concern to NATO leaders and the Pentagon strategist.
    The combination of the modernized long-range bomber Tu-22M3M and the new supersonic cruise missile (the Ch-32) allows the Russian Air Force to attack and sink enemy aircraft carriers and their accompanying convoys at a great distance. Due to the high speed (Mach 5) of the rockets, which were developed for the control of ground and sea targets, and a range of up to 1,000 kilometers, it is almost impossible for the defense systems of NATO warships to intercept them.
    The Tupolev Tu-22M3 is a strategic long range bomber designed to combat high and medium altitude land and sea targets. The bomber had been put into service in 1989. A total of up to 30 remote bombers Tu -22M3 are to be modernized, the first of which will be put into service in the third quarter of this year. Russia currently has about 100 machines of this type.
    Launched by a supersonic bomber, the Ch-32 naval missile flies so fast and so high that American interceptor missiles can not reach it. Only in 2016 did the Russian forces put the new cruise missile into service. Against a swarm of these missiles aircraft carriers and destroyers of the US Navy are powerless. Namely, such a salvo would be able to be shot down before the American interceptors ever came into the fire range to the long-distance bombers.

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