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    Taking a snap! Alligator farmer almost has his hand bitten off as he follows the 900lb beast through the water with a selfie stick

    An alligator farmer trying to get the perfect snap came close to dismemberment after an encounter with a 12-foot-long alligator.
    As Jay Young and Charles Wieand were filming at the Colorado Gator Farm, Jay was in the water with a 900lb gator called Bruce Almighty.
    As part of the video for Charles’s channel, The Wild Charles Show, Jay – owner of the rescue centre – followed the huge beast around with a selfie stick in a bid to get footage.
    Suddenly the 22-year-old reptile flicks its surprisingly flexible body around and tries to bite down on Jay’s hand who fortunately manages to move at the last second. 
    Footage captured on the phone shows the shocking moment the alligator’s huge jaws can be seen lurching towards to camera.
    Charles said: ‘I was left in shock. I was convinced it had caught Jay’s hand, as was everyone watching on from the bank and on the stream.
    ‘Only when I looked back did I realise he was still completely intact.
    ‘Even Jay said he got a bit too close. It certainly caught him off guard, it just moved so quickly.’
    Jay retrieved Bruce Almighty from a farm in Idaho in 2016. Both he and Charles were performing an educational livestream on the show streamed through both Twitter and Facebook.
    Charles said: ‘I love gators but they are dangerous. I’ve been in the water before and they’re normally scared of you.
    ‘However, Bruce wasn’t afraid of anything. In fact, it was almost like he was stalking us in the water.
    It was fascinating to see his power that close. But it was a really close call.’
    Ordinarily, Colorado water should be too cold for alligators, however, the land has thermal springs which keeps them warm.
    Jay’s family bought the land in 1974 to grow tilapia but bought 100 baby alligators in 1987 to dispose of dead fish.
    Comedian Charles has been travelling around the United States for three months, going everywhere from Michigan to Florida.

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