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    Israel Won’t Allow Weapons Production in Lebanon, Netanyahu Warns

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel will prevent weapons from being manufacted in Lebanon and will bar arms from being transported from Syria to Lebanon. Netanyahu added that Israel is acting to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.
    Netanyahu’s remarks come after a reported Israeli strike from Lebanese airspace Thursday night on a Hezbollah target in Syria. According to a Syrian war-monitoring group, suspected Israeli strikes hit a military base housing Hezbollah forces and other factions allied with the Assad regime.
    “All these weapons are meant to be used against Israel and it is our right, as part of the right to self-defense, to prevent its manufacture or transfer,” Netanyahu said at the beginning of the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem.
     Netanyahu said he spoke with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over the weekend and expressed his appreciation for the determined stance the American administration shows against the nuclear agreement with Iran and against Iranian aggression in the region.
    The Iranian regime is the main factor undermining the stability in the Middle East and the campaign against Iran’s aggression is not over, said Netanyahu. “We are still in the midst of it.”
    Netanyahu also addressed two rounds of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip over the last twelve hours, saying: “We will no longer tolerate attacks on us from the Gaza Strip.” Israeli tank shells hit a Hamas target Sunday morning and, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry, killed two Palestinians.
    On Saturday night, the Israeli air force struck Hamas targets in the Strip after four Palestinians breached the border and threw a firebomb on Israeli territory.

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