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    Detroit Election: Voters Approve Medical Marijuana Changes

    DETROIT, MI – Restrictions on medical marijuana facilities will be eased in the city after voters approved two ballot issues in the election on Tuesday. The measures will replace current ordinances enacted last year by city council.

    The first measure, which voters approved 58,104 to 38,492, means the city must opt into state standards and procedures to license the medical marijuana operations in the city.

    The issue also re-establishes distance requirements from schools, public libraries, churches and other medical marijuana operations.

    The second measure, which passed 56,495 to 39,510, amends the city’s zoning code, where they can operate and establishes an appeals process for permitting.

    The proposals were both voter-led, according to the Detroit News. Under the city’s existing ordinance, 167 of the 283 operations in the city were shut down.



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