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    Israel survived a one-day war

    Yesterday, Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip – “Islamic Jihad” and “Hamas” – through the mediation of Egypt agreed to stop the shelling of Israel.The scale of the one-day conflict has no analogues since 2014. However, a cease-fire does not mean a truce. The shelling can resume, and Israel promises to give a tough answer. Experts believe that the escalation is due to Iran, which benefits from chaos on the Israeli borders. The situation is aggravated by the struggle for power within the Palestinian movements.
    Israel inflicted the most powerful blow on Palestinian militants in recent years, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said last night. He also promised a tough answer in case of new provocations. “If they continue to test us, the price will be much higher,” he said.
    The conflict in the Gaza Strip lasted almost a day – from Tuesday morning to Wednesday. Palestinian militants fired around a hundred rockets in the south of Israel, in response, Israeli military attacked 65 military facilities of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip. All Israeli attacks were point-like – there were no reports of deaths and injuries in the Gaza Strip, and several people received light shrapnel wounds from the Israeli side. However, everything could have ended much worse. One of the rockets hit the courtyard of the kindergarten on Tuesday morning. If this happened half an hour later, the children could suffer.
    “Now all the interests of Israel are concentrated on the border with Syria, where there is a real threat from Iran. The Gaza Strip is not a priority. But the situation can change at any time, happiness, that now nobody has perished, “a source close to the Israeli army circles told Kommersant.
    The formal reason for a one-day escalation was Israel’s liquidation of three militants of the Islamic Jihad. However, no one expected such serious consequences. This year Hamas, which has been controlling the Gaza Strip for more than 10 years, decided to adhere to the tactic of “peaceful resistance” and forbade the controlled groups to react to the actions of the Israeli military. For this reason, Israel’s destruction of the tunnels that led from the Gaza Strip to Egyptian and Israeli territory, the elimination of more than 100 Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants, and the death of 122 Palestinians during the “Great March of Return”, which lasted from March 30, were unrequited. on the 15th of May. Against this background, the death of three more members of the Islamic Jihad was not something special. Nevertheless, the movement on Tuesday morning decided to launch missiles in the direction of Israel.
    Experts with whom “Kommersant” spoke, are sure that Iran’s actions are behind the actions of the Islamic Jihad. His leader, Ramadan Shala, has been in Beirut for over a month now. Teheran, being the main sponsor of the group, manipulates the situation in the Gaza Strip through it and promotes Ramadan Shala to its candidacy. Other leaders are closer in sympathy to Turkey and Qatar. There is also a rivalry between the Islamic Jihad and Hamas. “The latest escalation has become part of the internal struggle between the Palestinian factions. In addition, these movements have different patrons with different interests, “explained Gregory Kosach, professor at the Faculty of History, Political Science and Law of the Russian State University for the Humanities.
    “I believe this was a planned action by Iran in order to bring discord between the Islamic Jihad and Hamas, which has recently taken a more moderate stance, at least in words, and is not interested in unleashing a war,” said ” Kommersant “Knesset member from the opposition faction” Zionist camp “Ksenia Svetlova. She recalled that recently Iran increased the financing of one of the units of the Islamic Jihad, the amount reaches $ 12 million per year. The deputy is sure that the calm in the Gaza Strip will not be long – new provocations can happen in the coming days. “The solution of the problem will not be until the authorities in the Gaza Strip return to the Palestinian National Authority,” the deputy is sure.

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