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    Americans are hungry for Saudi camel milk

    The Saudi camel milk began to spread significantly in the US market, especially after it proved to have many health benefits to human health, which meant that Americans accepted it and preferred it to milk.
    The Saudi Arabian newspaper, Saudi Arabia, reported on the Saudi Arabian milk market and consumers
    Saudi businessman Walid Abdul Wahab, who studied in California, USA, discovered the thirst of the American market for this high-quality food product, because the citizens are looking for everything is “raw, organic and untreated,” he said.

    © Sputnik. According to the newspaper, the Saudi businessman quoted that there is a demand from the American consumer for Saudi camel milk and the preference for pasteurized cow’s milk because it contains all the proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins that are necessary to feed any individual without food or additional water. So Bedouin lived in the past, on camel milk food for several months while traveling through the desert. According to the report, 65% and 75% of the world’s population of lactose intolerance, which is in consumption, shows that camel’s milk is the perfect option. In addition, it contains three times more vitamin C for each serving of cow’s milk. Camomile milk does not contain beta-lactoglobulin, a protein found in milk that leads to allergies and inability to digest it for some people. Saudi Arabia’s businessman is dreaming about creating the world’s largest camel milk company in the empire and making it a center for the production of camel milk and other desert products for the world market.

    The number of cows in the United States exceeds the number of camels with 1

    8,000 cows for each camel, estimated at only 5,000 in the United States. In addition, the cow can produce more than 40 liters of milk a day, while camel’s milk can yield an average of 7 liters of milk per day.
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    Source: Sputnik Arabic

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