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    The controversy by the airline that asked a white woman to prove to be the mother of her mestizo son

    Lindsay Gottlieb and Patrick Martin were preparing to travel Monday from Denver to Oakland, United States, with the son of both. But the airline where they were going to fly did not believe that she was the child’s mother.
    A Southwest worker asked Gottlieb, who is white, to prove that she was the mother of one-year-old Jordan, who is mestizo.
    The woman and her fiancé, who is African-American, showed the worker the child’s passport.
    But still, it sHe asked for the child’s birth certificate . He even asked them to see posts on Facebook, according to the mother.
    The airline said it would take advantage of the incident to “train” employees.
    Gottlieb, coach of the women’s basketball team at the University of California, said on Twitter that the incident had been “degrading and insensitive, if not inefficient.”
    “I am dismayed that after about 50 times of having flown with my one-year-old son, the staff told me that I had to ‘prove’ that he was my son, despite having his passport,” the mother wrote.
    “(The worker) said it was because we have a different last name, I think it was because she has a different skin color,” she said.

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