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    Islamic House of Wisdom celebrates interfaith iftar dinner

    Islamic House of Wisdom celebrates interfaith iftar dinner
    Islamic House of Wisdom celectrateb its annual interfaith iftar dinner Wednesday successfully, attracting more than 250 religious, civic, business and community leaders, including Bishop Robert Fisher of the Archdiocese of Detroit and a host of imams, pastors, priests and Christian and Jewish leaders.
    Dearborn Heights Mayor Dan Paletko thanked Islamic House of Wisdom for its initiative to hold the interfaith dinner and welcome everyone to the city of Dearborn Heights.
    Bishop Fisher highlighted the need to work together and understand each other to reflect our diverse community.
    The audience included Chief Judge Sam Salamey, Judge Christopher Dingell, Judge Marc Summers , Judge Gene Hunt, former Lebanese ambassador Dr. Ai Ajami, Dr. Ned Fawaz and several community leaders and representatives.
    Islamic House of Wisdom spiritual leader Imam Mohamad Ali Elahi highlighted the benefits of fasting and how worship benefits the individual and the entire society.
    Emcee Khalil Hachem, who co-presented the program, said the idea of interfaith is that we are united under one humanity and it is something that brings us together and removes the barriers that divide us.
    It starts with love because love changes hearts not laws not  legislations. It starts by showing compassion and removing distances between us.
    The best way to start is to go back to basics by promoting selflessness. Basic is the concern more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own.
    This is the powerful image of God and that is the ability to sacrifice and help each other and understand each other. This is what we hope to accomplish during these meetings.
    The event concluded with an Iranian dinner.



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