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    Navya unveils its self-driving taxi

    The latest self-driving vehicle is making the steering wheel and the brake pedal a thing of the past.
    Navya, a French technology company, unveiled a self-driving sedan Tuesday, and it doesn’t have the usual feature of a driver’s seat.
    Production of the six-passenger electric vehicle will begin in early 2018, accelerating the arrival of autonomous vehicles onto streets around the world.
    Navya already makes a driverless shuttle, which is similar to a small bus and generally travels at the pace of a good jogger, making it ill-suited for most driving conditions. There are 50 of the shuttles in operation, according to Navya.
    The new sedan, called the Autonom Cab, is capable of speeds up to 55 mph. It will sell for 250,000 euros and is designed to be used in a ride-sharing service rather than sold to an individual.



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